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Technical Services provides research and product development services for a variety of mechnical and electronic control system disciplines. Our contract engineering model includes projects based around multiple disciplines including:

Control system electronics for

  • Engine control and engine systems for:
         On-Highway: Automotive, Motorcycle, RV and Truck
         Off-Highway: Marine, Industrial, ATV, Lawn and           Garden and Construction
  • Active Safety Systems and adaptive cruise control
         On-Highway trucks and RV applications
  • Security systems for Automotive, Motorcycle and RV applications
  • Alternative Fueled Engines systems
  • Solar and alternative energy systems
  • Agricultural systems
  • Biomedical devices
  • Building control and monitoring systems

Data Acquisition Systems for

  • Agricultural dispensing systems
  • Biomedical Testing
  • Biological field station studies
  • Motorsports and racing

Integration Engineering for