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Advanced Communications
Advanced Communications

Another area of research is the application of communication protocols at the many facets of engine and vehicular control and diagnostics.

Some of our calibration software systems are linked to race vehicles by telemetry. With this link active calibration can take place; real-time, during practice and vehicle development laps. Fuel and spark tables can actually be altered; real-time, during the test lap.

Real-time data can be collected and analyzed immediately by our engineers in the stands while practice laps are run.

Additionally, with the use of satellites, service data, intermittent drivability complaints and calibration upgrade requirements can be transmitted real-time to data analysis equipment for immediate review.

With the proliferation of satellite communications, 802.11, Bluetooth and a number of yet unnamed communication possibilities, Technical Services sees unlimited applications for advanced communication.

We currently provide calibration services for racing teams that are coupled with telemetry. This system allows us to provide calibration development in racing applications real-time with the race car on the track.

Other communication systems allow us to link fault and drivability analysis outputs to our phone support and engineering teams.

Satellite communication of our data acquisition systems and calibration development systems are now a reality.

Possibly you have an advanced communications project that we can help with.