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Advanced Integrated Projects

Many of our customers come to us with complete engine system needs. A number of engine manufacturers are in need of complete EFI systems (engine controller (ECM), sensors, fuel rail, injectors, wiring harness, fuel lines, fuel pump and service manuals).

At Technical Services, we can provide you with a complete engine systems package. Those packages are developed here, engineered here, tested here, assembled here and shipped from here.

Additionally, we can provide you with a complete training package that includes service manuals and training for your support staff.

Your advanced integrated project may not be engine control, but a transmission control need, driveline system need or a data acquisition project. Technical Services is anxious to discuss your integrated project needs.

Complete EFI System for Mini-Monster Truck
Engine Calibration Development on Dynamometer

Components Specifically Designed for This Application

Custom-Designed IAC and TPS Installed on Engine

Wiring Harness Designed for This Application

Engine Control System Manual Written for This Application

Engine Control System Installed in Vehicle