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Ahead of the Curve
Ahead of the Curve

Technology and trends are continually evolving. Thatís why Technical Services strives to keep ahead of the curve by procuring the latest engine-enhancing equipment, applying new engineering practices and supplying new products to our project partners.

What is ahead?

  1. New metallic substrate catalytic converters to enhance emission compliance
  2. Fiber optic wiring harnesses for faster vehicle data transmission
  3. Photo voltaic cell integration projects for advanced charging system development
  4. Hybrid Electric Vehicle (H.E.V.) control system development
  5. Glass laminate solar cell validation and integration projects
  6. New engine controllers complete with:
    • Cam phasing
    • Displacement-on-demand control
    • CAN communication
    • Advanced emission strategies
    • Cutting-edge software graphical user interface programs
    • Dozens of other new features
  7. Satellite-ECM interconnection protocols
  8. Advanced engine and vehicle control system units
  9. Telemetry-based data acquisition systems
  10. New software ECM calibration interconnection venues
  11. Miniaturized sensor and sensor-satellite systems for:
    • Vehicle control systems
    • Bio-medical transmission systems
    • Vehicle-and animal-tracking systems
  12. Numerous other projects that probably none of us have thought of yet!

Superflow Dynamometer Control Console

Enhanced Metallic Substrate Catalytic Converters

Hybrid Electric Vehicle Battery