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Alternative Energy

One of Technical Services' premier development areas centers on engine control modules. Because of our vast experience in developing controls for engine systems, we have found it easy to control other systems; alternative energy systems, as well. Engine controllers have a very high degree of reliability and are relatively inexpensive due to the tremendous volumes at which they are produced. With some re-writing of automotive software control strategies, we can control wind power system outputs and solar photovoltaic and solar hot water systems very effectively at very affordable costs.

Our in-house developed TechniCAL software allows for custom PC programmable solutions right at the jobsite or remotely from your service or sales facility.

The control strategies are virtually limitless due to the extreme speed of controller operation and high number of IO's (sensor inputs and control outputs) available.

Technical Servcices is in the process of developing a solar hot water control system that controls either closed or open loop systems. The system interfaces with existing wall mount thermostats or it can run stand alone. The system is capable of being monitored on a PC offsite with full data recording and remote programming capabilities.

Validation is a key component of all of our development projects, and our alternative energy systems development projects are no exception. We control and remote monitor a solar hot water system located in northern Indiana. We also have a system at our facility that is coupled with a Geothermal Heat Pump. Our system is set up to monitor each of four panels all manufactured by different manufacturers. The system can be run open or closed loop. A larger version of the system will be installed in our new facility which is currently under construction.

Please note: This section deals with our alterntive energy projects. You may also want to review our alternative fuels section.

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