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Alternative Fuels

Technical Services has been a leader in the development of engine systems for alternative fuels use.

We have several engine packages that run on a number of different fuels as well as different fuel combinations. Some of the many packages we have currently in development or in field operation include some in the following list. 

We have industrial engine package designs to run on:

  1. E-98 (98% Ethanol)
  2. Methanol
  3. Natural gas (pipeline low pressure)
  4. Wellhead natural gas
  5. Natural gas/Ethanol combination (with automatic fuel detection and switch on-the-fly)
  6. Bio gas (feedlot or landfill “methane”)
  7. Ethanol/water mix
  8. Cooking oil
  9. E-85

Our completed systems are currently in operation and in some cases have been in operation for several years. Since some alternative fuels are alcohol based and can contain high levels of moisture or detrimental chemicals, our systems are specifically designed for operation in harsh conditions. Our systems contain specialized components to include special fuel injectors, fuel rails, fuel lines, fuel pumps and fuel canisters.

Additionally many of the electrical components are designed for outdoor use and contain wiring and harness casings that are UV tolerant. Electrical panels are encased in special enclosures for industrial engines rated for outdoor usage.

Many of our engine packages contain complete instrumentation systems and special engine controllers capable of governed engine control. Some also have governor set switches that allow for field control of governed engine RPM. All of our controllers have full diagnostic features with fault code displays either on the engine control instrumentation or by PC display either at the site or at a remote location. The engine controllers also allow for special shut-down features that can be custom programmed for a varied number of applications.

In addition to our industrial engine applications we have also developed a number of engine systems and calibrations for EFI systems for racing applications. We have also been a test site for several producers of racing fuels. Our experiences include new technologies for racing fuels based on ethanol and methanol. We have developed engine calibrations and engine controllers (ECM’s) for a number of race engine applications. 

Industrial Ethanol (E98) Engine

Natural Gas Engine

Dual Fuel (Ethanol/Natural Gas) Engine