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Fuel Rails

Fuel rails are an integral part of the fuel system. And although they appear to be a simple interface between the fuel line and injectors, engineering them for optimal performance requires careful consideration of the following:

  • Physical mounting needs and space constraints
  • Pressure regulation and return line integration
  • Manipulation of pressure spikes and transient fuel handling conditions
  • Integration of line connection components and strain relief support

Rail Design and Validation Services
At Technical Services, we provide a wide variety of fuel rail production and calibration services, including, but not limited to:

  • Size and style development
  • Testing for vibration and pressure impacts
  • Compliance testing for Marine Coast Guard and other agency requirements
  • A multitude of your fuel rail production needs

Purchase Options
We can integrate rail design and validation services with your complete engine control and EFI needs. Or we can sell our fuel rails as independent parts or as part of our control system kits.