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Wiring Harnesses

Our engine wiring harnesses are easy to install. We design the harnesses to fit your engines, engineer them to make sure they properly work, build prototypes and test them, then produce the harnesses in any quantity for any engine. This helps you maximize your product's power and performance. Priced according to quantity, they're a cost-effective solution for increasing the performance of any engine.

Available Wiring Harness

  • Off-the-shelf: 5.7 l (350 cid) Chevrolet small block
  • 7.4 l (454 cid) Chevrolet big block
  • 5.7l (LS-1)
  • 4.8/ 5.3 / 6.0 l GM Gen 3 engines
  • 8.1l GM New style big block
  • Any application pending engineering development and prototyping