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Mission & Vision

Our mission is to provide a superior level of quality electronic control systems, innovative services, advanced technology and technical support, while maintaining our status as the industry leader in engine calibration and dyno services.



  • To show respect for the people we work with
  • To provide fair prices and accurate billing
  • To promote accuracy in data compilation


  • Through creativity and wisdom
  • Through searching for new products and processes
  • Through promoting products and solutions that are environmentally sound


  • To promote timely communcation
  • To unite forces under one goal
  • To build a framework of commitment


Our vision is to develop emerging technologies using innovative electronics, making application of this to:

  • Engine systems engineering, Powertrain controls calibration, and advanced emissions calibration.
  • Electronic product design and software development.
  • Technical support, training and documentation.
  • Data acquisition and product validation.