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The New Facility

This is an artist’s rendering of our new facility that is currently under construction.

The property is located 3 blocks from our existing facility on an 11 acre tract of land that is bordered on two sides by a creek. The area is nicely secluded even though we are only two blocks from a State highway.

The smaller building on the left is an additional warehousing facility. The rear of this building houses a wood shop for building development parts and shipping crates. Additionally there is a large development lab for RV and Agricultural projects and a water intrusion lab for testing RV and marine units.

The main building houses our administrative offices, engineering offices, conference rooms, training classroom, dining room, electronics lab, mechanical lab, fabrications lab, machine shop, a large multipurpose lab, a shop with lifts and hoists, and 4 dyno labs.

The entire facility is heated and cooled with geothermal heat pumps. There will be in-floor heat in the shop area and sidewalks, as well as a compliment of solar panels for in-floor heat and our photo-voltaic system. The fountains and ponds in the front of the building serve as buffers for our dyno lab water and provide oxygenated water for wildlife in the adjacent creek.