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Research Engineering

As an engineering facility, one of our functions is the development of new products and new techniques.

A large amount of our engineering research involves the manipulation of mechanical devices with some level of electronic control system involving both electronic hardware and machine language/software.

Our electronic control strategies are used in control systems for automotive engines for domestic and foreign vehicle use as well as project vehicles, hot rods, sand rails and a number of off-road vehicles. Additionally, you might find our control systems strategies in marine engines and a number of stationary products.

Although we frequently work on automotive and marine projects, we also get involved in non-vehicular projects. Our project mix may also include:

  • Data acquisition systems
  • Solar systems research
  • Battery and charging system control strategies
  • Bio-medical systems hardware and software

Unfortunately, there are a number of additional cutting -edge and strategic projects that we are working on for clients that have requested that we not disclose the details of their projects. Therefore we can't display pictures or elaborate on the contents of a number of several extremely interesting projects.

We endeavor to be discrete about projects that we work on and will carry that discrete nature to your projects as well.