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We have several automotive and marine engineering projects we are currently working on that have allowed us to create some exciting results for a group of very enthusiastic clients.

A few of our motor sports projects include:

  • Data acquisition system for a diesel-pulling truck
  • Telemetry calibration system and calibration development for fuel-injected circle-track race car
  • Telemetry data acquisition systems for recording engine functions during a racing event
  • Engine calibration development for specialized vehicles including: rock crawlers, sand rails, monster trucks, pulling trucks, drag racers, alcohol funny cars and a host of other specialty vehicles
  • Interactive four-wheel steering electronic control system for off-road vehicles

Our client projects for EFI kits include:

  • Fuel and electrical system kits including ECM, wiring harness, fuel system sensors and components for off-road production vehicles
  • Development of specialty engines for the marine market
  • Emission component development and calibration services for marine engines
  • Development of engine management and vehicle wiring harnesses
  • Validation testing of specialty engine controllers (ECMs)
  • Calibration development for numerous engine packages using superchargers and turbochargers
  • Calibration systems and engine controllers for specialized motorcycle packages
  • Development of engine controllers for the Automotive Aftermarket suppliers that run engines with
    • Displacement on demand
    • Cam phasing
    • Electronic throttle control (throttle-by-wire)
    • Adaptive cruise control

Our other client development projects include:

  • Specialized charging systems and engine/motor control protocol for hybrid vehicles
  • Specialty wiring harnesses using CAN communication and fiber optic components
  • Data acquisition system and wide range telemetry for specialty combat vehicles
  • Un-manned vehicle engine control system
  • Multi-fuel engine controller calibration and development